Out With The Old…

And In With The New.

Yep, Monday is the big day. The solar eclipse. It’s also the new moon.  I don’t usually pay attention to these things – astronomy hasn’t called to me. Yet. I’m dreading that day.

The heavens are beautiful. I marvel at how different elements of the universe work in concert with one another. I participated in the debate on Pluto’s status as a planetary body. Yet I couldn’t tell you when the next new moon was. Ever. Except with this next one. Now, I want to raise my hand and squeal, “I know, I know when it is!”

So, what could it possibly mean to you, other than a few minutes outside of the office, burning your retinas with the rest of your observant workmates?  Well, it’s an excellent time to say goodbye to the dark, and hello to the light – just like the eclipse does.  Have I lost you yet? How about this: say goodbye to the people and things that don’t serve you and your life, and say hello to the people and things that do.

When the darkness comes, focus on the people and things that you need to let go of. And let go of them. You can do several things, symbolically, to drive the message home to yourself. I’ve added a few ideas below. Once the height of the eclipse has passed, the light will return… much like the light will return to your life. Especially now that all that darkness is gone.

Black/White Write Rite

The first way to symbolically say goodbye is with fire! Another way to get burned! For the purposes of my example, I’m going to say goodbye to the negative feelings I have when thinking about my mother. You think of something that really messes with your life in a negative way. Are you ready to commit to saying goodbye? Really think about it.

Note: I did not include ceremonial or meditative steps in these instructions. These are simply ideas for you to build on.

Supplies: a black votive candle, a white votive candle, a match or lighter, strips of black paper, a silver pen/marker to write with, a safe place to burn something, a small table or altar.

  1. Light the black candle.
  2. On each strip of paper, write the name of the specific thing (or person) that you are saying goodbye to. For example: Mine would be “Negative thoughts about my mother,” “Negative thoughts about my mother’s abuse,” “My own resistant thoughts about forgiving my mother,” and finally, “My mother, Jane Sally Smith.”
  3. Gather the strips of paper in a neat pile, making sure the ones with people’s names are on top of the pile.  Now, put the pile face-down on the ground, table, or altar. The strips with names should not be the first ones you draw from the (face-down) pile.
  4. Pick up the first strip of paper from the top of the pile. See what it says. Concentrate on it, on the memory and its associated negativity. Now read it out loud.
  5. Think of the most negative way that thing (or person) has affected your life. You are also saying goodbye to that. Say it out loud!
  6. Light the strip of paper on fire and visualize it disappearing into the darkness where it belongs. Do this for each strip of paper. Don’t rush this step – it can be cathartic.
  7. Just before the eclipse passes its peak, blow out the black candle.
  8. Sit quietly for a few minutes, thinking about the big step you just took. Think about how much improved your life will be, without all that baggage weighing you down.
  9. Now light the white candle.

“There is a spark in me, that shines like the candle: bright.
It illuminates my path, and guides my thoughts with might.
It supports forgiveness, compassion, and love’s embrace.
The spark is me, my heart, my soul, my spirit, my grace.
And so it is.”

10. Blow the candle out and enjoy your new beginning.

Another simple option is to create a Cord of Forgetfulness. This is a simple way to forget a bad memory (or person) who is on your mind a lot. You create a cord that holds the memory (or person) you want to forget, and you wear it. Sure, you see it each day. But after a few days, you forget the cord (and the associated memory/person) is there. And by the time the cord falls off and is gone, so is the associated relapsing bad memory. 

Supplies: 1 thin white cord/ribbon, 1 green fluorite bead, empty bowl, a cup of water

  1. Pour the water into the bowl, “River of Forgetfulness, wash me clean and bless me. Take away [memory/person] and leave my mind strong and clear.”
  2. Dip the cord into the water, “White of purity and innocence, renew me.”
  3. Dip the bead into the water, “Stone of perspective, clear my mind.”
  4. Concentrate/pour the memories of [event/person] into the cord.
  5. Pour the water out onto the ground.
  6. Put the bead on the cord and wear the cord on your wrist or ankle. Do not take it off.
  7. When it falls off on its own, leave it where it falls. If it falls off on your property or in your home, take it far away and throw it away.

I hope these little rites help you use this auspicious celestial event to leave things that don’t serve you – in the past. That will free up space in your life for the new. Embrace the new. Don’t settle for more of the past.

For the Ceremonialists: be creative. Think: Arts & Crafts Time.

My Working

I built a dual-working on these simple ideas. I’ll start the working by clearing my chakras of blocks, grounding, and centering. Then Sacred Space construction.

I’ll invoke Nemesis. I felt I needed Her when dealing with destructive and abusive people and their energy. “I invoke Nemesis, the Ancient Dark Goddess, who balances Justice with Retribution, and Exacts Revenge for Acts of Presumption and Hubris.  Oh Giver of “What is Due”, may I and my offerings receive your blessings and power for this rite.”

The first half of the working represents the dark (banishing the old memories, hurts, behaviors, and people).

The second half of the working represents the light (supporting my forgiveness, my letting go of those memories, and them). My anklet will have two beads on it, for two people. There will be a knot on each end of the beads, and another knot between them. The knots signify the separation of their (respective) negative energies. Additionally, the knots keep the beads from flying around the cord, representing their new-found restrictions (at least where I’m concerned).

I’ll then work on my energy again, clearing my chakras and flooding them with light. And I’ll walk lighter, smile brighter, and feel happier knowing my personal power effected change, where change was absolutely necessary for my future happiness.

May the light of the New Moon embrace you in her bosom.


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