Moving Forward

So I did it. Did you notice? The blog is in the middle of a make-over. But the biggest thing I did was remove my blog posts and all your comments from the past 2 years.

How’s it feel?

It’s January. This is the time of the year when we’re all expected to simply leave the past behind and move forward into the future. It sounds so simple. But in reality there’s really more to it than that, right? Because the past is an integral part of who we are. That’s true for everyone, some more than others.

When I removed my posts I backed them up to my server – it felt good. And safe. Some of those posts – truths that were hard to tell – will find their way into a book one day. So I don’t feel as if I’ve lost anything. But your comments, brilliant as they all were, have simply vanished. Those I will miss. They gave me comfort and support when I needed it. Thank you.

We each put so much of ourselves into what we do. So when someone, someone who hasn’t been through what I’ve been through or what many of you have been through, comes along in January and tells me to “Let go of the past”, I want to scream back “I’m trying, but my past won’t let go of me”! Then I’d like to grab my Nerf gun and let her rip. A girl can dream.

It was time for new and fresh. I get that. It’s a bit uncomfortable but I’ll get used to it. In the meantime, I challenge each of you to come up with creative ways to respond to those “Move On” comments. We hear them year ’round. But January is the worst.

How about we celebrate the fact that we made it another year; that we survived the holidays with relatives we don’t care for – and no one died?!?  Some of us also survived spoiled grandkids, ungrateful children, long lines, and horrid parking lots. Many spent money they didn’t have. Isn’t that enough? Do we really need to follow that up with working harder, accomplishing more with less, and starving ourselves just to lose 10 pounds? And we should also just “Forget about the past”.

If you simply forget about the past, you’ll lose part of yourself. Just like you lost the comments you made here over the past 2 years.

As for me, I’m trying to let go of nightmares of the past. It’d be a lot easier if they would let go of me.